søndag den 12. juni 2011

A students guide for wasting time online

Using the internet in class, ah? Physics, Maths, Philosophy? Doesn't matter, because there is always a little time for using some the computer for something totally unrelated.

First step:
Check your mail and/or Facebook (I assume that you are not a high-school hipster, who still uses Myspace). Have you checked your mail and facebook? No new mails, annotations or friend requests? The move on the the various news-sites.
After finding out that nothing exciting is going down,  move on.

Step Two:
Check out the daily flash game at OneMoreLevel.

Step Three:
Already bored by the flash game? Then head over to Cracked. The have got loads of funny interesting and crazy articles.

Step Four:
Read three articles and went back here, eh? We have gotten to a crucial point, the next bit has got to be interesting. I quickly got bored with Failblog, but i discovered something even better. Check out Funny Videos Archives (FVA), it's awesome; Failblog times 5. They put new videos up often.

Step Five:
Now try these similar, but still very different sites:
Clients from hell
F*ck My Life

Step Six:
Then on to to one of the heavyweights of trolling: David Thorne. His website http://27bslash6.com/, is filled with his successful trolling!

Step Seven:
In the humorous cartoon department, i have to sites you need to waste your time with:
 The Oatmeal
and Scandinavia and the world
The last one might not be as relevant to non vikings (lol) but i bet some of them will still make you laugh!

Step Eight:
Now one of the last stops: Listverse. An interesting and weird piece of Internet.

Step Nine:
All that is left is you random scrolling through eBay, Amazon, YouTube, news sites etc.

Step Ten:
It's time. Either you are now ready to give in and listen to your teacher spewing out useless words, or you start this list over again, checking for new stuff. If you are lucky the class is over ;)

If you have suggestions for other time-wasting sites that i should check out, you can leave them in the comments.

Travel safe through the Internet
Best wishes

A student who is almost done with school

tirsdag den 7. juni 2011

Moral ramblings

I do not see me myself as a cynical, nihilistic übermensch (as Nietzsche would have put it), however, I am deeply affected by society's general moral. I just do not think that I want my morality guided by an authority. Society is very much a panopticon if you will, where knowledge is power and power is the essence of society. In the past, leaders managed the rule over the individuals, but today it can not be done similarly. Information society has stretched too wide. We have become too well accustomed to let us manage, at least indirectly. As Foucault believed it, the new information craving society brought an automatic surveillance with it and made the individuals of society keep track of the other individuals morality.
You can in many ways, call me a nihilist, but I will sweep it away and say that I am an existentialist. Nihilism is a short term solution to the eternal problem of belief systems. I do not think that there are universal moral, only the ones that people comes up with themselves. The claim that there is no universal moral, is often called ethical relativism. Kant believed that the categorical imperative must be considered as a general sense rule. But Kant also criticized the pure sense.
I think the moral of that you make up for yourself, and hence the ones you sometimes learn from other players in your life, is the right one. The morale that others dictates you to have, may also be the right ones in your life. Life is still just a series of coincidences that shape your personality as a whole. But first of all, you yourself are accountable for getting the right morals in your life. The world is absurd, and the meaning is missing, you will have to figure it out. Morale can come from the left or right,  authority or anarchy, but when you find it, you have the choice to live it out for yourself.

lørdag den 4. juni 2011

MW3 - a hybrid?

Is it going to be awesome? Is it going to suck?

MW2 had that pang-factor that made it cool, it was flashy enough to make it exciting. Black Ops got boring, after a few months it got stale. In MW2 everybody blamed 6/10 guns for being overpowered, and different perk-constellations got hated on for being overpowered too. Nothing in Black Ops stood out, I am not feeling especially exited about any of the guns, when choosing them in the class creator.  Then on the the gameplay. MW2 was flashy in the colors, while once again, Black Ops feels stale. The sounds doesent seem as "awesome" as MW2's. Black Ops brought a lot of nice features (Combat Training, Theater mode), but didn't get me excited. Keep the gameplay and guns from MW2, keep the extra features from Black Ops and go create an awesome game.

On another note, maybe the Elite service is the downfall of MW3?

tirsdag den 31. maj 2011

Well, hello everybody

What to say? My first post!

I'm danish, 19, male... Otherwise i enjoy gaming, sports and friends. I could be describing any other 19 year old.
Come along if you want to, I am going to use this as an emotional, creative and recreational outlet.

At the moment i am preparing for some exams, what a hoot i know.

Feel free to ask anything.
Talk to you soon!