lørdag den 4. juni 2011

MW3 - a hybrid?

Is it going to be awesome? Is it going to suck?

MW2 had that pang-factor that made it cool, it was flashy enough to make it exciting. Black Ops got boring, after a few months it got stale. In MW2 everybody blamed 6/10 guns for being overpowered, and different perk-constellations got hated on for being overpowered too. Nothing in Black Ops stood out, I am not feeling especially exited about any of the guns, when choosing them in the class creator.  Then on the the gameplay. MW2 was flashy in the colors, while once again, Black Ops feels stale. The sounds doesent seem as "awesome" as MW2's. Black Ops brought a lot of nice features (Combat Training, Theater mode), but didn't get me excited. Keep the gameplay and guns from MW2, keep the extra features from Black Ops and go create an awesome game.

On another note, maybe the Elite service is the downfall of MW3?

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  1. MW3 is a title I definitely want to play at some stage, but I completely agree, there is a lot of room for improvement. And Elite? eehhhh not sure how I feel about that, will have to see how E3 goes for it

  2. This blog = awesome! Hope to see it grow :) give me my morning coffe material, sir