tirsdag den 7. juni 2011

Moral ramblings

I do not see me myself as a cynical, nihilistic übermensch (as Nietzsche would have put it), however, I am deeply affected by society's general moral. I just do not think that I want my morality guided by an authority. Society is very much a panopticon if you will, where knowledge is power and power is the essence of society. In the past, leaders managed the rule over the individuals, but today it can not be done similarly. Information society has stretched too wide. We have become too well accustomed to let us manage, at least indirectly. As Foucault believed it, the new information craving society brought an automatic surveillance with it and made the individuals of society keep track of the other individuals morality.
You can in many ways, call me a nihilist, but I will sweep it away and say that I am an existentialist. Nihilism is a short term solution to the eternal problem of belief systems. I do not think that there are universal moral, only the ones that people comes up with themselves. The claim that there is no universal moral, is often called ethical relativism. Kant believed that the categorical imperative must be considered as a general sense rule. But Kant also criticized the pure sense.
I think the moral of that you make up for yourself, and hence the ones you sometimes learn from other players in your life, is the right one. The morale that others dictates you to have, may also be the right ones in your life. Life is still just a series of coincidences that shape your personality as a whole. But first of all, you yourself are accountable for getting the right morals in your life. The world is absurd, and the meaning is missing, you will have to figure it out. Morale can come from the left or right,  authority or anarchy, but when you find it, you have the choice to live it out for yourself.

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  1. Strangely inspiring, great post.


  2. Nietzsches words were altered by his nazi sister if I remember correctly.
    Can't say I understand all of what you're saying, but it's very interesting, and educational.
    You're also a fellow scandinavian, so follow you I will. Look forward to reading more like this

  3. Good shit. I will say that I think Philosophy, Religion, Science, are all incapable of explaining everything. How does a acceptance or rejection of the man-made concept of God, prove anything? Humans are so fucking full of it..